About us

Have you ever heard that "an empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author"?

Your interior takes on meaning when it is complete with whatever comes to mind. Everything you choose blends into your thoughts and reflects the same. Trust us at RUJ Woodcraft and understand what it feels like to have a beautiful home with top quality furnishings

The foundation of RUJ Woodcraft was laid by the inquiring mind, the late Dr. Rajendra Joshi and Mrs. Ursula Joshi. The company is emerging as a world-class leading furniture maker dynamically led by Mr. Nayan Joshi. A man at heart, who believes that furniture fills a home, but a touch of personalization makes it worth calling home.

His idea is to create a thriving future for the furniture industry around the world and promote rare Indian artisans. Mr Nayan Joshi is a visionary. He looks up to beautify living spaces with aesthetic design furniture not only in India but also in USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Scandinavian countries.

RUJ Woodcraft is located in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Our furniture house is supported by the unbeatable infrastructure and the latest technology. We excel at making furniture from superior quality woods including sheesham, mango, acacia, oak, reclaimed teak and others. In addition to wood, we also manufacture furniture in panels and metal

If you also live up to the sale of classic and time-honoured furniture, you can get an exclusive piece design from us.

Still thinking about why you should choose us? We understand your concern, because making furniture is not child's play.