RUJ Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd.

Code Of Conduct


Our Employee Code of Conduct company guidelines outlines our expectations regarding employees’ behavior towards their colleagues, supervisors and overall organization.

We promote freedom of expression and open communication. But we expect all employees to follow our code of conduct. They should avoid being distasteful, participating in serious disputes and disrupting our workplace. We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.
This policy applies to all our employees regardless of employment agreement or rank.

Policy elements
Company employees are bound by their contract to follow our Employee Code of Conduct
while performing their duties.
   1.1. Integrity :
      1.1.1. Shall perform their work with honesty, diligence, responsibility and maintain highest standard.
      1.1.2. Shall observe the law and make disclosures expected by the law and the profession.
      1.1.3. Shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal activity, or engage in acts that are discreditable to the profession of internal auditing or to the organization.
     1.1.4. Shall respect and contribute to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the organization.
     1.1.5. We discourage employees from accepting gifts from clients or partners and we prohibit briberies for the benefit of any external or internal party.

  1.2. Objectivity:
    1.2.1. Shall not participate in any activity or relationship that may impair or be presumed to impair their unbiased assessment. This participation
includes those activities or relationships that may be in conflict with the interests of the organization.

   1.2.2. Shall not accept anything that may impair or be presumed to impair their professional judgment.
   1.2.3. Shall disclose all material facts known to them that, if not disclosed, may distort the reporting of activities under review.

 1.3. Confidentiality:
  1.3.1. Shall be prudent in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of their duties.
  1.3.2. Shall not use information for any personal gain or in any manner that
would be contrary to the law or detrimental to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the organization.

 2.1. Business casual is the dress code for the company. Company’s objective in establishing a business casual dress code, is to allow our employees to work comfortably in the workplace. Yet, we still need our employees to project a professional image for our customers, potential employees and visitors. Business casual dress is the standard for this dress code. However, company may provide uniforms to the employees with the binding to wear the same as per instructions by the Management

   3.1. Smoking & chewing tobacco is prohibited in all of the enclosed areas within the Company worksites, without exception. This includes common work areas, conference rooms, meeting rooms, private offices, hallways, lunchrooms, playrooms, restrooms, employee owned/leased vehicles and all other enclosed facilities.
   3.2. The only designated smoking area in RUJ Woodcraft is outdoors in the parking lot.

Drug free workplace - These activities are strictly prohibited under RUJ Woodcraft’s drug policy:
   4.1. Taking, using or selling alcohol or drugs
   4.2. Affected by the after effects of indulging in alcohol or drugs outside of the workplace during non-work time.

  5.1. All employees should treat our company’s property, whether material or intangible, with respect and care. Employees:
    5.1.1. Shouldn’t misuse company equipment or use it frivolously.
    5.1.2. Should respect all kinds of incorporeal property. This includes trademarks, copyright and other property (information, reports etc.)
    5.1.3. Employees should use them only to complete their job duties.
    5.2. Employees should protect company facilities and other material property from damage and vandalism, whenever possible.

   6.1. The company regards its employees as its most valuable resources and thereby reposes a high level of trust and confidence in them. It therefore encourages its staff to reciprocate such trust and confidence with work performance and conduct consistent with the following general disciplinary
   6.1.1. The employee should be obedient to company rules and regulations likeattendance, leaves, Company Meetings, employee engagement activities, safety, sanitation, hygiene, etc.
   6.1.2. Employee should Respect for his/her Immediate Superiors and Co-employees and be cooperative towards his/her Immediate Superiors and
juniors and work in team spirit.

    7.1. Concern for the environment and the society in general
   7.2. Employees should promote environmental awareness among each other and encourage working in an environmentally responsible manner and avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and seek alternatives whenever feasible.

     8.1. The company expects all of its employees to maintain professionalism at workplace. Any kind of violence, misbehavior with the female  employees, seniors, colleagues and subordinates and use of abusive language may lead to disciplinary action against the person found guilty. Carrying any kind of weapon at workplace or in the company premises is strictly prohibited.
    8.2. Serious misconduct or willful or intentional disobedience or defiance or disregard by the employee of the lawful and reasonable orders / instructions of a superior concerning his work.

   9.1. All employees should fulfill their job duties with integrity and respect toward customers, stakeholders and the community. Supervisors and managers mustn’t abuse their authority.
  9.2. We expect them to delegate duties to their team members taking into account their competences and workload. Likewise, we expect team members to follow team leaders’ instructions and complete their duties with skill and in a timely manner. We encourage mentoring throughout our company.

We expect employees to avoid any personal, financial or other interests that might hinder their capability or willingness to perform their job duties.

Employees should be friendly and collaborative. They should try not to disrupt the workplace or present obstacles to their colleagues’ work.

All employees must be open for communication with their colleagues, supervisors or team members.

     13.1. Do Pay Attention to The Subject Line: Write a clear, concise subject line that reflects the body of the email. Avoid subject lines with, “Hi,” “Touching Base” or “FYI,” and do not leave a subject line blank.
    13.2. Do Use a Proper Salutation: Remember “Hi” and “Hey” communicate a lack of professionalism and maturity. Begin your email with phrases such as “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” “Good Evening” or “Hello.” “Good Day” or “Greetings” are other phrases used frequently in the international arena.
    13.3. Do Use an Introduction: In direct cultures like the U.S., the best practice is for the sender to introduce themselves by first and last name with some background information in the first few lines
   13.4. Do Know The Culture: When sending email to people from indirect cultures, it isproper protocol and a best practice to research country customs.
   13.5. Don’t Include Humor and Sarcasm: Emails can easily be misinterpreted through text without context. Humor is culture-specific. Avoid both humor and sarcasm in e-mails as the recipient may be from a different culture and may be confused, or worse, offended.
   13.6. Do Double-Check Your Attachments: When you attach a file, be kind enough to take a few extra seconds to paste it into the body of the email as well.
   13.7. Don’t Hit “Reply All”: Avoid using “Reply-to-All” unless everyone needs to know. When the C-Suite (CEO/COO) or administrative assistant sends an email to 10 staff members requesting volunteers for a community service project, reply to the admin, not to all 10 members.
   13.8. Do Reply Expediently: Replying within 24 hours is common courtesy. Leaving someone hanging for any longer and you are not only perceived as rude, it could cost you business in the long run.
  13.9. Don’t Use Emojis: Those little winking, smiling icons are for text messages. They are inappropriate and unprofessional in a business email.
  13.10. Don’t Be Negative: It’s inappropriate to email negative comments.
  13.11. Do Proofread:
  13.12. Don’t Forget the Conversation Closer: By letting the recipient know that a response is or isn’t needed

We expect employees to not abuse their employment benefits. This can refer to time off, insurance, facilities, subscriptions or other benefits our company offers.

All employees should read and follow our company policies. If they have any questions, they should ask their managers or Human Resources (HR) department.

   16.1. Employees are encouraged to socialize and develop professional relationships in the workplace provided that these relationships do not interfere with the work performance of either individual or with the effective functioning of the workplace. Employees who engage in personal relationships (including romantic and sexual relationships) should be aware of their professional responsibilities and will be responsible for assuring that the relationship does not raise concerns about favoritism, bias, ethics and conflict of interest. In cases of doubt, advice and counsel should be sought from the next level of administrator or Human Resource
   16.2. Romantic or sexual relationships between employees where one individual has influence or control over the other's conditions of  employment are inappropriate. These relationships, even if consensual, may ultimately result in conflict or difficulties in the workplace. If such a relationship currently exists or develops, it must be disclosed
   16.3. If a relationship is deemed to be inappropriate under these guidelines, the appropriate department head or next level of administrator, after consultation with Human Resource will take appropriate action. Actions taken may include, but are not limited to, an agreed upon transfer, a change in shift, a change in reporting structure, the Performance Management process or discharge.
  16.4. If an employee, whether or not involved in the relationship displays conspicuous behavior at the workplace, or found in an unpleasant situation in the office premises, the penal consequences of indulging in acts that may constitute sexual harassment or disciplinary action or both

    17.1. Our company may have to take disciplinary action against employees who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow our code of conduct. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the violation. Possible consequences include:
   17.1.1. Demotion.
   17.1.2. Reprimand.
   17.1.3. Suspension or termination for more serious offenses.
   17.1.4. Detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time.
   17.1.5. Company may take legal action in cases of corruption, theft,embezzlement or other unlawful behavior. Serious action will be taken in
case of a proven sexual harassment case. Please refer to the policy for further details

Our employer is easy to identify with and all of us are very passionate about what we do on a daily basis. At the RUJ Woodcraft we believe in open communication and you are encouraged to tell the world about your work and share your passion. Whether you do so by participating in
a blog, wiki, online social network or any other form of online publishing or discussion is completely up to you. However, these new ways of communication are changing the way we talk to each other and even to our consumers, target audiences and partners. In order to avoid
any problems or misunderstandings, we have come up with a few guidelines to provide helpful and practical advice for you when operating on the internet as an identifiable employee of the RUJ Woodcraft.
   18.1.    First, please familiarize yourself with and follow the RUJ Woodcraft Code of Conduct
   18.2.    When you discuss RUJ Woodcraft or brand-related matters on the internet, you must identify yourself with your name and, when relevant, your role at RUJ Woodcraft. Only very few people in this company are official spokesperson for the company, so if you are not one of them you must make clear that you are speaking for yourself and not for the Company. You can use a disclaimer like "The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the position, strategy or opinions of RUJ Woodcraft". Please always write in the first person and don't use your company email address for private communications. And please consider that even anonymous postings on Wikipedia can be traced back to the company.
   18.3.   You are personally responsible for the content you publish on blogs, wikis or any other form of user-generated media. Please remember that the internet never forgets. This means everything you publish will be visible to the world for a very, very long time. Common sense is a huge factor here. If you are about to publish something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, review. If you are still unsure and it is related to the company, talk to your manager or Corporate Communications
    18.4.   Just because information is on the internal network, it is not ok to let the rest ofthe world know about it. No exceptions. Messages from our Management/Director to all employees are not meant for the media. If we as a company wanted a newspaper to know how our Management/Director sees the future of our company, the PR department would call them up and tell them.
    18.5.    It is perfectly fine to talk about your work and have a dialogue with the community but it is not okay to talk about the design or name for the new World Cup ball months before its official launch. If you have signed a confidentiality agreement you are expected to follow it. If the judgement call is tough on secrets or other issues discussed, please ask your manager before you publish or forward. Please act responsibly with the information you are entrusted with.
   18.6.    Do not comment on work-related legal matters unless you are an official spokesperson, and have the legal approval by the company to do so. In addition, talking about revenues, future products, pricing decisions, unannounced financial results or similar matters will get you, the company or both into serious trouble. Stay away from discussing financial topics and predictions of future performance at all costs.
   18.7.    Respect your audience. Don't use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in RUJ Woodcraft's workplace. You should also show proper consideration for others privacy and for
topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory (like religion or politics). If you are in a virtual world as an RUJ Woodcraft representative, please dress and behave accordingly. We all appreciate respect.
   18.8.    Think about consequences. Imagine you are sitting in a sales meeting and your client brings out a printout of a colleague's post that states that the product you were about to sell "completely sucks". Talk about a tough pitch. So, please remember: Using your public voice to trash or embarrass your employer, your customers, your co-workers or even yourself is not okay - and not very smart.
   18.9.    Have you posted something that just wasn't true? Be the first to respond to your own mistake. In a blog, if you choose to modify an earlier post, make it clear that you have done so.
  18.10.    Please respect copyright. If it is not yours, don't use it. It is very simple. It is that person's choice to share his or her material with the world, not yours. Before posting someone else's work, please check with the owner first.
  18.11.     Don't cite or reference clients, partners or suppliers without their approval. When you do make a reference, where possible, link back to the source.
  18.12.    Be aware that others will associate you with your employer when you identify yourself as such. Please ensure that your Facebook, Linked-in, Xing or MySpace profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself with clients and colleagues.
  18.13.    Even if you act with the best intentions, you must remember that anything you put out there about RUJ Woodcraft can potentially harm the company. This goes for all internal media as well, like the intranet or any newsletters you send out. As soon as you act on the company's behalf by distributing information, you are upholding the company's image. Please act responsibly. If in doubt, please contact the Corporate Communications Team or your manager before you hit the send button.
  18.14.     And finally. With all the blogging and interacting, don't forget your daily job...
Note: - The management reserves all right to append, modify, withdraw any part or complete policy at any time before any prior notice.