Our Inspiration
Late Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi & Mrs. Ursula Joshi


Late Dr.Rajendra Kumar Joshi was born on 13th September 1934 in Dundlod, Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan. After doing his pharmacy degree at BITS Pilani, India with a gold medal in 1958 and completing his PhD degree in 1968 from University of Komensky Bratislava, Slovakia, he was invited at The Federal Institute of Switzerland as Research Associate and later as Professor (dozent) teaching medicinal chemistry and structure activity relationship to the pharmacy students. He guided a good number of PhD students resulting in development of a parameter which could calculate the biological activity with molecular energy of a chemical structure. Mrs. Ursula Joshi is a Master Pharmacist and possesses diverse and rich entrepreneurial experience. She along with her beloved late husband has incessantly toiled for establishing various successful organisations in India.

Dr Joshi and Mrs Ursula Joshi, after a keen study and analysis found out the distinguishing factors of the Swiss economy making it one of the best in the world. They discovered that the major part in this achievement was played by the perfect and ideal skill development scenario in the country and this led to the manufacturing of the products and items having very high quality, precision and standard, which has generated a huge demand of the ”Swiss Quality” products all over the world.

Based on their desire and commitment to bring the high quality and precision manufacturing and production to India.Late Dr. R. K. Joshi and Mrs. Ursula Joshi established the Company RUJ Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd. for manufacturing wooden furniture of top quality and finish.With the same vision and foresight they have also established other companies - Rajendra & Ursula Joshi Food Industries Pvt. Ltd (RUFIL) for providing purest and best quality dairy products prepared in the utmost safe and hygienic plant; and RUJ & SRM Mechanics Pvt. Ltd.(RS India) for manufacturing of high precision parts in India.

Thus the foundation of RUJ Woodcraft is the dedication and commitment to supply wide range of well-designed high quality furniture with reasonable and affordable prices for total customer satisfaction. In this endeavour, RUJ Woodcraft is employing the finest craftsmen and best machines at its plant for catering to the residential, hotel-resort and commercial markets of India and abroad.We want to see the skills of Indian hands decorating the homes,offices, and buildings the world over. We strive to be the best manufacturer of fine furniture, partnering with our craftsmen and making them a key component to our business.

We continue to derive our inspiration from Mrs. Ursula Joshi – Chairperson– RUJ Group. Under her able and strong leadership, we have been able to gain strength and enrichment from her deep acumen, foresight and rich experience.


Message from Mrs. Ursula Joshi, Chairperson-RUJ Group

As RUJ Woodcraft grows, evolves and strengthens its operations, it is crucial that we continue to promote a favourable and lasting impression of RUJ Woodcraft in the minds of everyone with whom we interact.We have formed a team that is the best in furniture industry, and our continued commitment to the highest ethical standards and professionalism will make us an even stronger organization in the years ahead. I wish luck and success to the whole team of RUJ Woodcraft.